Friday, October 20, 2006

Join the Fuctup Factory Fotography

As disgussed on my cuz's website , here's the five sacred rules of the Fuctup Factory Fotography :

1 - Never Use A Flash (a.k.a Always Shoot In Available Light)
2 - Always Shoot RAW
3 - Always Use A Fixed Focal Lens (preferably a fast one)
4 - BAD is GOOD : Academism can be a real pain in the ass, so f*ck it.
5 - *Put a random fuctup rule of your own in here* (Yeah, something HAS to be fuctup)

Remember :

-You make the shot, it has nothing to do with your camera/equipment
-“Using No Way As a Way, Using No Limitations As a Limitation.” (Well, a guy before me came up with this quote... and it does come out nicer than my very own personnal quotes.)

Now pack your gear, go out and have a fuctup time !