Monday, October 30, 2006

.Jardin Secret.

Shots from the DA40mm and the M50mm-f/1,7

A Rangefinder & Some Films

We keep finding cool stuff in our folks' basement: Voigtlaender rangefinder camera & some old 24x36 B&W films...
May 1977... Hmmm... Those films may be dead by now...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Her Name is Misery...

... and it rocks !
Isabelle Misery- 25/10/2006

Sawkill River

That ain't no shooting anymore, that's sniping.
Sniping Damien & Isabelle thru the semflex's viewfinder- 25/10/2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Panique a la FIAC !

Still playing with the M50mm f/1,7... I thought this lens would react pretty much like the FA50mm f1,4 but it's actually quite different !
Soso & Gary Lee Boas - Gallerie Kamel Mennour + Grand Palais - 24/10/2006


Here's few photos of my semflex camera. (I'm currently playing with my old manual 50mm f1,7 Pentax lens for these shots: I'm surprised of how sharp it can be wide open...)
photo 1: viewfinder closed
photos 2 & 3 : Viewfinder opened and magnifying glass popped up.

Thru The Viewfinder : Oshima's feedback

Just to tell you how glad I am that Toshihiro Oshima actually looked at my "Through the viewfinder" serie and actually liked it (he has favorited 3 photos from the serie and left me some very kind comments).

Mister Oshima : You made my day...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Through The Viewfinder - Part 2

Still playing with the Semflex's viewfinder... this thing is addictive !
Now I want to make a full portrait serie with it ...
Alex & the Semflex - 23/10/2006

Note :
The closeup shots are made by looking thru the "pop up" magnifying glass of the semflex.

Through The Viewfinder

Shooting El Nano thru the Semflex's viewfinder (6x6 medium format film camera).
White balance was off for this one but it gives a cool vintage look :
Alex and the Semflex - 23/10/2006

(I was inspired by one of Toshihiro Oshima's photo for this set)

Compulsory daily shot

Nothing special... "forcing" myself to take photos that are different from the ones I usually make.
Lots of people like macro/flower/plant shots. As I respect what they're doing I personally have no interest in them (sorry dad... hehe). So here's how I would shoot some plants if I had to... I realise the depth of field might be a tad too shallow for these but by the time I wanted to redo it, the light was already gone (damn, shooting at 6.30 pm really gives you a very short window of opportunity)...
So here it goes : raffee... and the plants... (how exciting...)
Compulsory daily shot...
My courtyard as you see it thru the kitchen's window - 23/10/2006

PS : I took this shot when the rain started, I needed something to get me into it...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Note concerning B&W photography

It has been said to me that I lately take alot of B&W photos and that it reflects a very sad/depressed mood I might actually be in. I may be sad sometimes, true.
But B&W or color photography has absolutely nothing to do with my mood, some lights have a better rendering in B&W than they have in color. It's purely a matter of aesthetic . Period.

I'll end this post with this quote :

"Viewing a color photography is like seeing a movie, while viewing a black and white photography is like reading the book."

Playing Around

Just playing around at night with the 50mm f1,4 wide opened.
Just playing around w/ the 50mm
exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
aperture: f/1.4
ISO speed: 800
exposure bias: -1 EV

Friday, October 20, 2006

Join the Fuctup Factory Fotography

As disgussed on my cuz's website , here's the five sacred rules of the Fuctup Factory Fotography :

1 - Never Use A Flash (a.k.a Always Shoot In Available Light)
2 - Always Shoot RAW
3 - Always Use A Fixed Focal Lens (preferably a fast one)
4 - BAD is GOOD : Academism can be a real pain in the ass, so f*ck it.
5 - *Put a random fuctup rule of your own in here* (Yeah, something HAS to be fuctup)

Remember :

-You make the shot, it has nothing to do with your camera/equipment
-“Using No Way As a Way, Using No Limitations As a Limitation.” (Well, a guy before me came up with this quote... and it does come out nicer than my very own personnal quotes.)

Now pack your gear, go out and have a fuctup time !

Final Production Shots

Bruce Lee by Arnie KIM : final production shots.
©2006 Enterbay ltd.
more infos :

Original Soundtrack

How cool : I came across Julie in the street today !
B&W portrait as promised... so we don't see you spent the night with Lenny Kravitz and Tommy Hilfiger... ;)
Miss Julie Fox - Rue Mazarine - 19/10/2006

Crazy As She Goes

Soraya - Sunset, Rue Des Lombards - 19/10/2006

Korean Dogwood

Elise - Sunset, Rue Des Lombards - 20/10/2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Si Jolie


Something different

I've been shooting lots of portraits and lots of B&W and desaturated colors photos... I think it is now time to try something different. Explore new ways of taking pictures. Well, new ways for me... next thing you'll know I'll be shooting sunsets and landscapes ! Dude, no...
Grenelle - 17/10/2006

no title...yet

I just got my 17" monitor back, so I can make more precise adjustments to my RAW files (I used to work on the tiny screen of my bro's mini Sony VAIO). So here's another RAW development for the Damien's B&W portrait. I pretty much just inverted the vigneting, letting appear the poster's design behind but loosing the sharp details of the hand I like so much in the previous version... choices, choices...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mystery Juice - Part 2

Moi, j'aime pas mettre les gens dans des cases.

Dead Meat


Mystery Juice

Classical Spy shot technique using people's glass reflection .
People in the subway - Line 8 - 15/10/2006

Note : the lady with the yellow scarf is my neighbourg Graziella, I recognised her while manual focusing on her reflection. Funny...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

God Wrapped in Plastic

Few shots from the 40mm f2,8
Aye El Nano - Some Paris street - 14/10/2006

Friday, October 13, 2006