Tuesday, April 11, 2006

As if nothing

19 Sept. 2003
Sunday afternoon. Few hours before we drove Hortense to the airport. Going to Beijing.
That was one of those moments before we all get apart, all having to move to different places all over the globe. Places far far away from Paris, places far far away from the city we finally came to call "home".
That was a very pleasant afternoon: warm, sunny, quiet... may be too quiet.
No bursts of joy, no more of these stupid jokes that used to make us laught like little kids. As we were glad to be together-we always are- we couldn't be happy because we knew. We knew from this very moment that life, our lives, will never be the same again. Gone forever.
Everything we do, we do it for a brighter future, we go where our inspiration leads us. It's just that sometimes we would like to bring these little things along, but we can't.
We were sad, but we didn't talk about it because we didn't have to. We don't need words to know what's happening... all we always wanted was to bring joy and comfort to each other. But that afternoon the more we tried to be happy the more we were hurt. All we had left was the moment, trying to make the most of it, trying to engrave it as strong and as deep as we could in our hearts so we may never forget.
Life has changed, I'll tell you change is always good because it allows us to grow... but it's sometimes really hard to admit the moment is gone, it's sometimes really hard to just let it go.