Monday, March 13, 2006

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

Mini rant


Most of the titles on this blog are titles of music I like. They're not directly linked to the entry itself... well, most of the time... ;)


I try not to over-use grain and photo filters.
I don't pretend to make art. Artists don't make art. Artists are just people who have something to say. Others turn it into art, for good or bad reasons... I'm not the one you should ask about it.
Yes, I take lots, I mean, really LOTS of pictures because I'm afraid to forget. I'm afraid to forget these moments, I'm afraid to forget you, I'm afraid you may forget me.
I am in a weathering mood lately.
Like as a kid I loved to melt down model kits me and my brother spent hours to build up and paint, today I like to destroy perfect things.
People may not like the pictures I take of them, but it's not about you guys. It's about me. It's about how I see things and what I want to say.
If I take a picture of you, it means we're close and of course you're always pretty to me... but there is more emotions and beauty in your eyes when you're sitting in front of me saying nothing and letting your thoughts wandering in your mind than when you're smiling and posing because you know I'm about to take a picture.
There're four persons in you : the one others see, the one you try to be, the one you think you are, and the stranger... the one you really are. This stranger you is the one I want. This stranger you is the one you hate. Don't ask me to take a perfect picture of you, perfection annoys me, perfection is boring.
Beauty is a misconception, beauty is irrelevant.
Life is not about beauty, life is about feelings and harmony.
Don't try to corner me, I know I'm getting lost with the beauty thing.
Just like you, I always try to look good on pictures, just like you I'm just a stranger to me, just like you I may hate the pictures you take of me.

Rant off, just my "F*ck you I won't do what you tell me" part that had to speak out loud.